Fautsos are genie-like enemies that appear in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They can only be summoned by Box Boys from Bean Valley.


Fautsos are very powerful enemies that have over 400 HP and high attack and defense powers. They can also use strong special attacks such as Meteor Blast and are resistant to many attacks.


Fautsos are weak to both Jump and Ice attacks so Mario should stick to his Super Jump while Mallow uses Snowy. Fautso's also have low magic defense meaning they're also weak to other magical attacks such as Geno's Geno Beam. However, defeating a Fautso wields little award despite it's high stats and it's recommended to take out the Box Boy before it has a chance to summon a Fautso.

Special Attacks


  • The Fautsos being trapped in Box Boys and finally being free is a reference to genies in magical lamps.
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