Fast Food Frenzy is a 1 vs. 3 mini-game in Mario Party DS.


One player sends out fast food on the conveyor belt including Shy Guy drinks, pancakes, hot dogs, ice-cream, french fries, or a burger to try to send the three other players down the conveyor belt. Each food the first player does has a different effect on the three other players.

Burgers and drinks cannot be jumped over so they have to be avoided. Pancakes slow players down and decrease their jumping height. Players become stunned temporarily if they jump onto a hot dog. If they jump on an ice cream, they become frozen and cannot move. French Fries have no effect when jumped on, but bounces back players when they run into it. If the three players manage to avoid all these food without falling off the conveyor belt in a certain amount of time, they win.


  • One Player: Drag the Stylus to send food onto the conveyor belt.
  • Three Players: Press A Button to jump and the +Control Pad to move.
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