False Samus is a false character that appears in Super Smash Bros Brawl as a Character.


False Samus is a near one-for-one replica of the original, but with a darker color palate on her armor.


False Samus appears as a miniboss faced in the second Research Facility stage.

When Pikachu and Zero Suit Samus were fighting their way through the Research Facility, Samus located her Power Suit. While retrieving it, two purple and red versions of Samus attacked the duo. After defeating them, she donned her Power Suit and continued, destroying the R.O.B.'s sent to attack her.

It is possible that both False Samuses were in fact robots, as they were clones of the Power Suit itself, and they lacked the shadowy aura the other False Characters give off. It is also possible that they are duplicates of the Suit with Shadowbugs inside them and controlling them, giving them their purple color.

The purple color of the False Samuses is also a reference to Samus' Gravity Suit, which is exactly the same color and was used for one of her alternate colors.

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