False Bowser is a false character made by Shadow Bugs.


He has the same appearance as Bowser, but he is darker.


The false Bowser makes its first appearance in The Lake, attacking Fox and Diddy Kong at the very end of the stage. Once being defeated by Fox and Diddy, its trophy dissolves, and then the real Bowser makes his entrance in an attempt to capture the two. It is believed that Bowser ordered a swarm of Shadow Bugs to create his false counterpart, so he could use it as somewhat of a decoy.

Another False Bowser appears later during the opening cutscene of The Lake Shore after Bowser uses a Dark Cannon on the princess that was rescued by Kirby in the Midair Stadium. The clone is ordered to dissolve into Shadow Bugs to swarm on and duplicate the tropified princess (as can be seen in the image at right).

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate