Fake Bowsers are enemies that are disguised as Bowser in the game Super Mario Bros. Mario or Luigi has to fight seven of them (one in each castle). If Mario or Luigi shoot fireballs at them, it will reveal the enemies from their disguises. The real Bowser is found in World 8 in Super Mario Bros. Additionally, the idea of King Boo using a Bowser decoy in Luigi's Mansion during the final battle may be loosely (or distinctly) based on the Fake Bowsers. In Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels , they make an appearance as well.

Fake Tail Bowser makes an appearance in Super Mario 3D Land. Once Mario hits the button at the end of the bridge, Fake tail Bowser gets dunked into the lava and transforms back into an enemy with a Tanooki Tail. Fake Tail Bowsers are almost identical to the normal Bowser, but in Super Mario 3D Land, they can be identified by their Tanooki Tails, which is evidence they used the Tanooki Leaf power-up.

Fake Bowser has reappeared numerous times in other games as well. Fake Bowser was originally a glitch, but Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto thought it would be a good idea if they did not change it.

Strangely enough, in Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels , there are strange Blue Bowsers located in certain levels. Their origin is unclear, but they are a form of fake Bowser.



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