This article is about a fake item that resembles the Beanstar.You may be looking for the real item, Beanstar.

The Fake Beanstar is an key item that appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It is an item crafted together by Prince Peasley and is made to resemble the real Beanstar.


The Fake Beanstar resembles real Beanstar excepts it looks a little faded.


After Mario and Luigi retrieved all four pieces of Beanstar, Bowletta (Cackletta) demanded the Mario Bros. to bring the Beanstar to Joke's End to trade for Princess Peach. However, Queen Bean knew Bowletta will keep Peach and take the real Beanstar. Prince Peasley gave the Fake Beanstar to the Mario Bros. to fool Bowletta. When Luigi meets Fawful at Joke's End, he shows the Fake Beanstar. Fawful realized that Luigi attempted to give the Fake Beanstar and took the real Beanstar.

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