Faire Square is a board that appears in Mario Party 6.


Faire Square is a carnival themed board where gambling plays a big role in. The Star Space is located directly in the middle of the stage and is very unique for the stage. First of all, the player buy as many Stars as they want but only five as the limit and if they have enough coins. There is also a slot machine known as the Luck Wheel where players must pay coins for a chance to earn more coins and a star gamble area where they can double or triple a star.


During the daytime, Brighton all Stars cost 20 coins each. Also, a Koopa Troopa hosts the Luck Wheel and the price is 10 coins (but the payout can be high). Also at the Star gamble area, the player can double their stars and choose from three hats.


There is a lot of chances at night. Twila hit a dice block to determine the amount of coins that Stars will cost. It can go from as cheap as 5 coins or as expensive as 40 coins. A Shy Guy now hosts the Luck Wheel and the Star Shuffle.

Happening Spaces

  • Landing on a happening space a litte past the slot machine will make a flying broom come out and it will take the player either before the star space or after it.
  • There is also a happening space near the top of the board that activates Swap Fest. This event means that players put their coins or stars up and only one player will get all of the prizes. During the daytime, coins are swapped and during the nighttime, stars are swapped.
  • One more happening space is located on the far east side of the board right before the star gamble. Landing here will warp the player right back near Start.