The Fahr Outpost Mayor is a character that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a Bob-omb and, as his name states, the mayor of Fahr Outpost.


The Fahr Outpost Mayor is a green Bob-omb that has a white mustache. He also wears a brown hat with a raccoon-like tail on the end of it.


The Fahr Outpost Mayor is first seen where he was asked by Mario to help use the cannon to get to The Moon. However, the Mayor refused to cooperate even trying to say that there isn't a cannon around and demands Mario to leave. However, Bobbery manages to convince the Mayor to using it and the Mayor tells Mario that he needs Goldbob's permission slip and General White to operate it. Mario manages to do so and the Mayor is glad to see Mario heading for the moon. The Fahr Outpost Mayor is seen again where he has assembled all of the Bob-ombs together to cheer for Mario as he is fighting the Shadow Queen.


  • The Fahr Outpost Mayor may have a Russian accent due to him saying "Da".