Fahr Outpost, pronounced "Far," is a location that appears in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Fahr Outpost is a fairly large town that has houses around. The town is always shown snowing and the cannon control center is located in the middle house of the first area. In the second area, the Inn is the first house and General White's house is located directly beside the Inn. There is also a statue of a cannon located downward.


Mario and his friends head into Fahr Outpost where they ask for permission to use the cannon. However, the mayor doesn't want to even speak with Mario saying that there is no cannon around. However, Bobbery manages to convince the mayor to consider it and the mayor says that Mario needs the permission slip from Goldbob and General White to operate the cannon. Mario manages to get the permission slip but he has a hard time locating General White. However, General White can be seen entering his house and Mario manages to wake him up after many attempts. General White then operates the large cannon and Mario shoots all the way to The Moon.


Freezy Fahr Outpost