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Face Lift is a mini-game that appears in the games Mario Party and Mario Party 2. In the original Mario Party, Face Lift was categorized as a 4-player mini-game and the players only worked on Bowser's face. However, in Mario Party 2, Face Lift is categorized as a Battle mini-game and the players work on the faces of different playable characters.


At the start of the mini-game, an image of Bowser's head will appear in the center of the screen. All of a sudden, his face will start to stretch in different directions. When the screen zooms out, you will see four heads of Bowser - one of them is yours. Your job is to match the image in the center on your Bowser face. For example, if the players are working on the face of Mario, then Mario's nose, mustache, and hat will stretch in different directions. The characters will be provided an exact replica of a certain character's face. They can stretch the character's facial features by pressing and holding the "A" button on the certain part and dragging it with the cursor. The characters will have a total of sixty seconds to try and replicate their image with the one in the center. The players will be evaluated by a point system, which tallies up the number of correct distorted facial features. The player with the most points will win the mini-game.


  • Control Stick - Move hand
  • A Button - Grab face


  • At the title screen of Super Mario 64 the player can stretch the face of Mario. This was undoubtedly the inspiration for this mini-game (especially since in the Mario Party version, in the background, it says "Super Bowser 64").