FP Plus is a badge in the Paper Mario series. FP Plus gives Mario five extra points to his FP when it is equipped.


Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, Mario can acquire this badge in three different locations. Mario can purchase this badge at Rowf's Badge Shop where it is for sale at a price of 150 coins. Another FP Plus badge is found in Forever Forest in the last area that enters the Mansion, Mario can find a rock that makes a weird face which points to the path leading to this badge. The Third and final FP Plus badge is found in Pleasant Path, near the Koopa Bros. Fortress. Bombette can blow up a crack in a wall, and behind this wall is a warp pipe leading up to this badge.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, FP Plus retains its previous effects and can be acquired an infinite number of times. The Pianta Parlor provides these badges for a price of 100 Piantas. Rogueport Sewers houses this badges as well. This badge is also found in Boggly Woods . It is in front of the Tree, hidden by falling water.

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