"Who... walk... here? Who... break... seal? Wake... ancient... ones? We no like light... Rrrrummbbble... We no like... intruders! Now battle... ... hand... to... hand!"
― Eyerok, Super Mario 64

The Eyerok is a creature made of stone bricks that appears in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS that Mario has to fight in order to get a Power Star in Shifting Sand Land. They reappear in Mario Kart DS as a Boss Mission.


Eyerok is a stone creature comprised only of two hands, with each containing a single eye (the boss's weak spot). Because of its stone-like appearance, Eyerok might be based on a golem (a creature that was said to have been brought back to life through magic and enchanted earth). 


Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

Yoshi up against the Eyerok.

In Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, Eyerok is the boss of Shifting Sand Land. The Eyerok is a spirit composed of two giant rock hands with eyes on his palms. He resides in a secret room in the pyramid but Mario must find a secret entrance to reach his room. It will open when he's been on the top of all four of the pillars on the level. He is fought on a platform that's surrounded by pits on three sides. He can attack by slamming down his fists on Mario which takes 3 HP. The Eyerok can also try to push Mario down from the platform, causing an instant death. The Eyerok can only be attacked when his eyes are open which is only when one of the hands aren't attacking. After both of his eyes have been punched three times, the Eyerok will be defeated and Mario will earn another Power Star.'

He is fought on star four in the mission Standing on the Four Pillars in Shifting Sand Land and is fought in exactly the same way in Super Mario 64 DS, in this game, Luigi and Wario can also fight the Eyerok, while Yoshi cannot break the seal leading to the Eyerok, he can break the seal (whilst wearing another character's Cap) and then change back to regular Yoshi before entering the hatch). Yoshi can beat the Eyerok with Sweep Kicks or by burning it by swallowing some fire from the nearby Fire Torch. Additionally, Luigi can easily reach the ledge leading to the Eyerok's room without the need of standing on the Pillars by using tornado backflip and spinning to the ledge.

Mario Kart DS

Eyerok in Mario Kart DS.

The Eyerok appeared again in Mario Kart DS as the second boss in mission mode. He must be fought by Mario in this version and he can be defeated by shooting green shells at him when his eyes are open. He isn't completely defenseless, as he whirls around in the air and comes down, crushing Mario and making him lose a balloon. He also goes ballistic after you hit his eyes two times. He repeatedly comes down hard. So if you wanna be in his way when he goes crazy, thinking your brave, go right ahead. You will get flattened. No doubt about it.


  • Eyerok can also be split into two words Eye and rock, which is how Nintendo created the name. There is also the pun "I rock" in his name.
  • Eyerok has the most health in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS as both his hands have 3 HP each, giving him 6 HP in total. Not even Bowser's final round has that much health.
  • Eyerok is similar to Rollodillo from Super Mario Galaxy 2 as both bosses have the most amount of hit points.
  • In the original Super Mario 64 Eyerok originally had the same sound as the Whomp King however in Super Mario 64 DS, he was given his own unique sounds.
  • His character is similar to the Knucklotec from Super Mario Odyssey.
  • Originally, Eyerok had no name and they were called "the ancient ones." however the Eyerok was named in the Nintendo Official Player's Guide.
  • Eyerok prefers to speak in first person, as evident in the pre-battle and post battle dialogues. 
  • The Snow Ogre from Mario Tennis Aces strongly resembles the Eyerok with the major difference being is the Snow Ogre is composed mostly of ice rather than stone.