Eyepi'illos are enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are only seen and fought in Somnom Woods.


Eyepi'illos are strange, flying creatures that have one purple eye. Their wings resemble that of the Pi'illodium.



In battle, the Eyepi'illos mainly attack with:

  • Laser Shot/Ram: The Eyepi'illos will fly up to either Mario or Luigi and shoot lasers from their underside at them. If Mario or Luigi dodge this attack, the Eye'illo will then try to ram at them which can be avoided by simply jumping over them. This attack also has the chance to lower the Defense or Power of one bro if it hits.
  • Spinning Laser Shot: The Eyepi'illo will land near either Mario or Luigi and start to spin around charging up a blast. Mario or Luigi must hammer the Eyepi'illo to make it shoot the blast in the direction it is facing when it was hammered. This attack can also hit the other bro, or other enemies if timed right.
  • Self-Destruct: When the Eyepi'iilo's HP is real low, it will start to self-destruct and start spinning around Mario and Luigi. One of the bros must hammer the Eyepi'illo away before it explodes and deals massive damage. If there is other enemies present on the field, the self-destructing Eyepi'illo will fly into that enemy damaging it.


The Eyepi'illo's attacks aren't hard to avoid. But for quick victories, using Bomb Derby or Slingsniper could take them out in one turn if Mario and Luigi are strong enough. Due to their ability to fly, the Eyepi'iilos can dodge hammer attacks, the Jet Board Bash, the 3D Red Shell, and the 3D Green Shell.

Names in other languages

  • Japanese: マクラノアイ (Makuranoai)
  • Español: El Almohadojo (From La Almohada (pillow) and El Ojo (eye); Second declension (Gen. Almohadojis))