Eye Brawl is a duel Mini-Game from Mario Party 8. It could be activated whenever Duelo Candy is eaten, or in the Free Play Arcade.


The two dueling players walk into a scary, haunted forest where they find a clearing. Suddenly, two equally sized Mr. Is attack them. The Mini-game starts after this point.


In order to defeat the new enemies, the players must cause the Mr. I to become dizzy, by spinning the Wii remote around the eye, effectively drawing circles. This is similar to how they were defeated in the Nintendo 64 game, Super Mario 64. After the first Mr. I is defeated, a larger Mr. I will appear. This process will be repeated twice more. Once all three Mr. Is are defeated, the player who defeated the last one is declared the winner.


The Wii remote is used to move the onscreen cursor around Mr. I, which causes his defeat.

Name Origin

The Name of the mini-game is a play on the word 'eyeball', which is essentially what Mr. I is.

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