The Eye Beamers are robotic enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy. They make their first appearance in the Dusty Dune Galaxy. Their last appearance is in the Dreadnought Galaxy.


The Eye Beamers are hexagonal robots that have an eye on one side. Their other side is green and yellow. The eyes are white and their pupil is red. The Eye Beamers are flat on the green and yellow side, so Mario can use their flat side as a platform if he wishes. Hence their name, Eye Beamers fire lasers from their eyes. These lasers deal decent damage to their victim (1/3 a total health bar). Mario cannot destroy an Eye Beamer.


Two Eye Beamers circle above the last Speedy Sand planet in the Dusty Dune Galaxy, in the second mission, Blasting Through the Sand. The Dreadnought Galaxy's first mission, Infiltrating the Dreadnought, is the only mission to feature Eye Beamers, placing four of them around the starting planet and another four around the second beam planet. Five more lurk around one of the cube planets, turning to attack when Mario makes his way there. When Mario floods the spherical Aqua Planet, some more Eye Beamers flip over to attack. Being in the water increases the laser's power, since water is a surprisingly good conductor.

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