Super Mario RPG Statistics: Exor
Exor's artwork from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Location(s) Bowser's Keep
Health Points (HP) Exor: 1800
Right Eye: 500
Left Eye: 300
Neosquid: 800
Flower Points (FP) Exor: 0
Right Eye: 200
Left Eye: 200
Neosquid: 200
Attack Exor: 0
Right Eye: 128
Left Eye: 153
Neosquid: 180
Defense Exor: 120
Right Eye: 100
Left Eye: 130
Neosquid: 80
Magic Attack Exor: 0
Right Eye: 82
Left Eye: 47
Neosquid: 86
Magic Defense Exor: 80
Right Eye: 36
Left Eye: 80
Neosquid: 50
Speed Exor: 200
Right Eye: 17
Left Eye: 21
Neosquid: 20
Weaknesses Nothing
Dropped Item Nothing
Yoshi Cookie Item Mushroom
Bonus Flower Attack Up! - Impossible to get
Psychopath Message Exor: Gotta mow the lawn soon.
Right Eye: I've got an astigmatism!
Left Eye: I can't see a thing!
Neosquid: I'm so utterly alone...
Dropped Coins 0
Experience Points Exor: 100
Right Eye: 30
Left Eye: 30
Neosquid: 40

Exor is a giant sword shaped monster that works for Smithy in the SNES game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

While Mario is fighting Bowser in Bowser's keep, a large Exor crashes through the castle, smashing the Star Road in the process. The Star Road was shattered into seven pieces that Smithy's gang guarded. Exor itself is a dimensional gate. He can teleport Smithy's entire army from their dimension called Smithy's factor to the dimension that Mario's world exists in.

Exor is actually made of four different entities. His right and left eyes are separate from each other and can both attack on their own. The mouth, which is called Neosquid, also attacks as a separate entity. The pommel (or counter-weight) of the sword is a skull shaped beast who is the only part of the sword actually named Exor.


Mario, Geno, Mallow, Bowser, and Peach attack Bowser's keep after its been taken over by Smithy's gang. After defeating a samurai named Boomer, the five are rushed to the top of the castle where Exor is waiting. One of the eyes, or both have to be stunned (killed) in order to attack Exor.


  • The name Exor could have come from Excalibur, the legendary blade that King Arthur uses in his stories.
  • Exor's Japanese name, Kari, comes from the Japanese word for cut or cutting.
  • If the player times right the Geno Whirl attack after stunning the eyes, they can take out Exor in one hit, because it will do 9999 damage to him.
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