The Excess Express Conductor is a character that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is an employee on the Excess Express and helps take care of the people that go on there such as assigning blankets and other items to them.


The Excess Express Conductor is a Toad with a black head with red spots on it. He also wears a red and black clothing that matches his head colors.


The Excess Express Conductor plays a role where he has heard of the "sticky threat" asking Mario to report that to Pennington. Later on, close to bedtime, the Excess Express Conductor inforrms Mario that he is missing a blanket and thinks whoever is in Room 004 may have it even though there is no one living in there. However, the Excess Express Conductor is told by Mario that Ghost T. is living in that room and Mario tells him that Ghost T. will only give up the blanket if his diary is returned to him. The Conductor is fearful but glady lets Mario go into the back to get Ghost T.'s diary. After Mario returns the diary to Ghost T. and gives the blanket to the Conductor, the Conductor is grateful and tells Mario that he should rest for the day.

Later on, the Excess Express Conductor is taken over by Ghost T. who uses his body to send an email to Mario thanking him for returning his diary and not reading it.