The Excess Express (リッチリッチエクスプレス Rich-Rich Express?) is a glamorous train on its way to Riverside Station, then the luxurious Poshley Heights. The Excess Express can be boarded once Don Pianta gives Mario the Train Tickets. Mario had to solve many mysteries while on his first run through the train. It is also where Mario runs into Pennington for the first time.


Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess

Mario and Co. spend three days in total upon the Excess Express while travelling to Poshley Heights.The group are faced with a series of mysteries to solve with the help of Pennington. Each day is divided into a morning, evening, and night section.

The first day's morning greets Mario with a sticky threat letter and later a missing pot of food later to be found in Heff T.'s room. This is contrary to detective Pennington's false accusation against Zip Toad. In the evening, the search for what Goldbob's son Bub really wants, (revealed to be the Train Engineer's autograph) is had. At night, Mario searches for a missing blanket on board. He discovers that it had been taken by Ghost T. who wants his long lost diary in return for it, to ensure that nobody would read it. It is found in the Baggage Car.

The second day's morning has Mario and Co searching for a stolen briefcase. The Ratatooey Businessman it was stolen from tells you that under the wrong circumstances, the contents of the case could cause an explosion affecting the whole train. The Toad Waitress and Toodles also tell you of their missing Shell Earrings and Gold Ring respectively. The briefcase can be found being held by Zip Toad after he had dropped some papers in his and Mario's room. After catching Zip Toad, Mario receives the briefcase and two other missing items as the train arrives at Riverside Station. Zip Toad runs off the train revealed to actually be Doopliss. The evening and night sections for this day take place mostly in Riverside Station.

The third day's morning shows a very empty train as most of the passengers are missing. Mario discovers with the Train Engineer that Smorg from Riverside Station have infested the train taking over the controls. Mario quickly heads into the Baggage Car and later the train roof to rescue the passengers and free the Excess Express. Shortly after this, the Excess Express arrives in Poshley Heights.


Days at the Excess Express

Dusk at Excess Express

Night at Excess Express