The Evershade Valley is a location in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This location is where the game's story unfolds and serves as the main setting.

The ghosts were getting along quite nicely with Professor E. Gadd, helping him with his various types of research and helping around the lab which was created in the valley by Professor E. Gadd to research ghosts peacefully and undisturbed. Then, however, the peacefulness of the valley was disturbed when King Boo destroyed the Dark Moon and scattered the pieces all around the valley. The destruction of the Dark Moon caused the once peaceful ghosts to turn hostile and mischievous, and create a dark purple mist inside the valley, making navigation through the valley, impossible.

After a strange turn of events Luigi was requested by Professor E. Gadd to return the pieces of the Dark Moon and restore the valley to its original state, which he was successful in doing.

Points of interest

E. Gadd's Bunker

E. Gadd's Bunker serves as the safe house in Evershade Valley. Inside the bunker, is a place for Professor E. Gadd to research ghosts inside his lab and monitor the mansion with his various TV monitors placed inside of his lab. The bunker also serves as a protection for Luigi and Professor E. Gadd against the hostile  ghosts that roam the mansions and valley. It is here that Professor E. Gadd watches over Luigi's progress and can pixelize him into the bunker if need be.

Gloomy Manor

Bearing many similarities to the mansion from Luigi's Mansion, Gloomy Manor serves as the first mansion Luigi must traverse. Inside the mansion, Luigi can get the Poltergust 5000, the Strobulb and the Dark-Light Device.

Haunted Towers

The Haunted Towers, which appear to be two mansions on one plot of land, serve as the second mansion of the game. Based heavily on plant life, it has rooms such as a Greenhouse and a nursery for the plants.

Old Clockworks

Serving as the third mansion, Old Clockworks resembles a large longcase clock. With a desert-like theme, Old Clockworks introduces stronger versions of the ghosts that Luigi has already countered against.

Secret Mine

The Secret Mine, which serves as the fourth mansion, is an abandoned mine where the Boos mine special crystals in order to grant the regular ghosts more strength.

Treacherous Mansion

The Treacherous Mansion resembles a museum with many exhibits. This mansion serves as the final location in the game.

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