Eternal Star is the final board of the game Mario Party. It can only be unlocked after buying Bowser's Magma Mountain and collecting 100 Stars.


The gameplay on Eternal Star is much different from the other boards. For starters, there is no Toad giving away stars. Instead, there are many Koopa Kids on the board and they only way to get a star is to pay the Koopa Kid 20 coins then roll the dice block. Fortunately, the player can roll the dice block 8-10 while Koopa Kid varies. If the player wins, they are awarded with the star and the Koopa Kid disappears. However, if they lose, the Koopa Kid will steal a star from them (and keeping the 20 coins). Landing on a Happening Space will have Bowser warp everyone back to Start. The whole board itself is like a maze and eventually, there is an area that leads to two people: A Boo or Bowser. If the player goes to Boo, then they will be safe and warp back to Start. However, if they end up where Bowser is, he will steal a star from them or all of their coins then warps them back to Start.

Once it reaches the end, the Eternal Star will be repaired and Bowser will be defeated with the winner standing on top of him and the other three players standing close by.

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