The Enderman is a common enemy in Minecraft.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In the October 1st presentation, Enderman was revealed to be an alternate costume for Steve. Its limbs are much shorter than those of a standard Enderman so as to fit Steve's model.


  • Despite being as tall as Steve in Smash, in Minecraft both the Enderman and the Zombie do not have the exact same height as Steve although this is barely noticeable with the Zombie.
    • The Enderman was made shorter for the purposes of the alternate costume. Normally, Endermen are 50% higher than the player, standing at about three blocks instead of two (one block higher), but they were shortened in order to fit in the same hitbox as the other costumes.
  • Enderman (alongside Zombie) is the second common enemy to become playable in Smash, after Piranha Plant; they are also the first third-party fighters to not be primary playable characters in their home series.
    • However, both Zombie and Enderman are alternate costumes for Steve, unlike Piranha Plant (who is a unique fighter).
    • Additionally, Zombie and Enderman skins are available in the "Bedrock" edition of Minecraft.
  • Endermen and Zombies are never seen eating food within Minecraft.
    • Unlike Endermen, however, Zombies cannot place or break blocks, but can wield tools.
  • Zombie and Enderman are the only character-swapping alternate costumes that do not have fighter spirits, instead appearing solely as primary spirits.
    • They are also the only alternate costumes to be background characters in the same game.
  • In Minecraft, Endermen take damage when in contact with water, and constantly avoid it. However, unlike Charizard, Sonic, Inkling and Incineroar, which each have a similar case of hydrophobia in their home series, the Enderman does not take damage while swimming in Smash. This is due to it being an alternate costume of Steve, who has no such hydrophobia.