Superstar Saga Enemy
Gritty Goomba (2)
Gritty goomba-gwarhar
Location(s) Gwarhar Lagoon
Level 28 (27)
HP 50
POW 74
Defense 50
Speed 60
Experience 68 (55)
Coins 8
Item Drop None – 0% (Super Nut- 16.13%)
None – 0% (Ultra Nut - 16.13%)
Fire Normal
Thunder Normal
Jump Spiny
Hammer Normal
Hand? Normal
Stun? 60%
Burn? 30%
Stat Down? 100%
  • Stats in the parentheses are from the Japanese version and differ from American and European versions.
  • Stats in gray are found in the game's coding and unavailable during the "normal" gameplay.

Elite Gritty Goombas are enemies in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and the remake. They are stronger veresions of Gritty Goombas.


Elite Gritty Goombas accompany by Elite Troopeas. They do not appear on the map. They have the same behavior as the Gritty Goombas, but they are faster.


They take regular damage on any attack but they cannot be stomped.

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