Electrified is a special status ailment that appears in the Paper Mario series.


Paper Mario

First appearing in Paper Mario, Electrified is a very useful for Mario to have. In order to be Electrified, Mario must either eat a Volt Shroom, have the Zap Tap badge equipped (which gives him it permanently), or receive it from the Lucky Start badge (a 25% change though). When Electrified, any enemy that attacks Mario physically will receive 1 point of damage. This badge is also very useful in interrupting combination attacks from The Master. However, a few enemies can also receive that Electrified status such as Tuff Puffs and even Huff N. Puff (both involve being Electrified to charge up their strongest attacks).

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Electrified appears less commonly in this game. As usual, wearing the Zap Tap badge or giving someone a Volt Shroom can cause the Electrified status. Enemies such as Magikoopas can give themselves or other enemies the Electrified status.

Super Paper Mario

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