Elasto-Piranha is a type of Piranha Plant found in the Toadwood Forest in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


Elasto-Piranhas attack by extending their stems to the top screen of the DS and shoots a fireball at Mario or Luigi. The Elasto-Piranha will attack Mario if it stretches to the top of the screen or Luigi if it stretches only half way of the screen. The fireballs must be jumped over to be dodged.

Attacks on the side of an Elasto-Piranha's pipe will do minimal damage. In order to do more, the Elasto-Piranha must be attacked on the top of its pipe, for example by jumping.


  • HP - 35 (38)
  • POW - 33 (34)
  • DEF - 23
  • Speed - 13
  • EXP - 16 (14)
  • Coins - 6


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