Eely-Mouth is a boss that appears in Super Mario Sunshine. It is fought deep underwater of Noki Bay


Eely-Mouth is a giant eel that appears black in color. It also has two sets of yellow eyes each on different sides of its face.

History and Battle

Eely-Mouth is first seen in the mission "Eely-Mouth's Dentist" where Mario is assigned by the Noki Elder to help clean their polluted waters. Mario makes his way down to an area of the water that isn't polluted and prepares to fight Eely-Mouth.

At the beginning of the fight, Mario must slowly make his way down closer to Eely-Mouth. Even though he has an air helmet, Mario must keep his air supply up by collecting coins to refill his meter. As Mario gets closer to Eely-Mouth, it will start spewing out poisonous orbs that could harm the plumber hero. Mario must use F.L.U.D.D. and the Hover Nozzle to dispose of them. Fortunately, they usually release air bubbles which completely refills Mario's air meter without him having to collect coins. After Mario has reach the giant eel, it will start to spin around quickly and opens it's mouth. This is Mario's chance to start spraying Eely-Mouth's teeth to get them clean. There is a total of eight teeth that Mario must clean up. He must be careful as most times, Eely-Mouth will attempt to swallow Mario. If it succeeds, then it will spit Mario back out further away from it. After Mario cleans the last tooth, Eely-Mouth will be pleased and leave behind a Shine Sprite and a bunch of coins in the shape of a heart. The waters of Noki Bay are no longer polluted.


  • Due to the appearance of its eyelashes on different sides, Eely-Mouth appears to be both male and female.
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