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Eeker.png LVL 15 HP 20 POW 42-46 DEF 34 SPEED {{{spd}}}
EXP 24 (25) COINS 0 (5) Fire Normal Thunder Normal Jump Normal
Hammer? Normal Hand? Normal Stun? 30% Burn? 0% Stat Down? 100%
Item drop Location(s)
School Slacks (Syrup Jar) – 16.13%
Smart Pants – 25.81% (32.26%)
Woohoo Hooniversity
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  • Numbers and words in gray indicate coding unavailable in normal gameplay.

Eekers are enemies that appear in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga; they reappear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. Eekers resemble beakers, hence their name, but have a grass skirt and two arms with a flame that enables them to heat themselves and power up.


In battle, Eekers accompany Viruses. The number of times it crosses arms, it does the same count of swings. After its last swing, the Eeker will move forward, Mario or Luigi must jump at the right time to counterattack it. It also stands nearby the player and boils itself, when it reaches above the cap, the liquid sprouts out and lands on Mario or Luigi for a few times. Mario and Luigi can counterattack the Eeker by pressing the A Button Button repeatedly to hit the Eeker with their hammer.