― Earthwake

Earthwake is a boss that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is fought as a giant in Dreamy Wakeport where it was guarding Bedsmith who is needed to create the Ultibed. It is most likely created by Antasma and Bowser.


Earthwake is a giant, block-like robot that is composed of pieces from Dreamy Wakeport.


In battle, the fight with Earthwake is similar to the Tower of Yikk from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It can be knocked into the water to deal more damage. Earthwake can also put armor on himself that must be destroyed.


Earthwake's attacks consists of:

  • Pieces Throw: Earthwake will separate himself into a bunch of pieces that circle around which Dreamy Luigi must hammer away. If he doesn't the pieces will fly into Earthwake dealing damage.
  • Block Throw: Earthwake will toss blocks that are either red or green in a certain order. If the blocks are green, Dreamy Luigi must jump over them. If they are red, Dreamy Luigi must duck from them. If the red blocks aren't successfully avoided, they will hit Mario and he will be out of the battle for a couple of turns. If they are yellow, Earthwake will absorb the yellow ones and heal himself, so it's recommended to destroy the yellow blocks.
  • Earthwake facing off against Dreamy Luigi.

    Aligned Block Throw: Earthwake will line up a bunch of blocks either sideways or up and down. If they're sideways, they must be hit with the hammer slide or if they're up and down, they must be hit with the Hammer Uppercut. It should be noted if the yellow blocks aren't hammered away, they will heal Earthwake.
  • Hammer Swing: Earthwake will transform himself into a large hammer that will swing at Dreamy Luigi. Dreamy Luigi must hammer back according to the direction (if Earthwake is swinging high, the Hammer Uppercut is needed and if it's swinging from the side, the Hammer Chop is needed).


Earthwake can be difficult due to how much it can attack but fortunately, blocking most of its attacks usually lands it in the water. The Drill Spin is very effective in this fight and should be used often.


  • The Earthwake resemles the Dino Megazord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.