Super Mario RPG Statistics: Earth Link
The sprite of the Earth Link.
Location(s) The Factory
Health Points (HP) 2500
Attack 220
Defense 120
Magic Attack 5
Magic Defense 10
Weaknesses None
Dropped Item None
Psychopath Message "What a royal pain!"
Dropped Coins 200
Experience Points 0

Earth Link is a supporting boss that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It greatly resembles Mad Adder in terms of color and appearance and is controlled by Cloaker. Eventually, it was defeated in battle.


Earth Link will only appear if Mario and the others defeat Domino first instead of Cloaker. Cloaker will hop onto his snake and activates the second phase of the battle. In battle, the Earth Link attacks with a poisonous bite and with the deadly Carni-Kiss.


The Earth Link has much more HP than Domino's Mad Adder snake so it is recommened to take out Cloaker first and avoid the fight with the Earth Link. However, if the Earth Link is fought, Mario's team should focus on magic attacks due to its rather low magic defense. Princess Toadstool should heal any poisoning when necessary.

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