E. Gadd's Garage is a board from Mario Party 6. Owned by Professor E. Gadd, all of the machines on this board were created by him.


E. Gadd's Garage is a fairly large board. The way to get the Star is the same with Towering Treetop: Get to the Star Space and pay 20 coins to get it. The Star Space then changes positions everytime someone gets a Star.


During the daytime, E. Gadd's Garage is pretty much brighter.


During nighttime, the pathway in the center of the stage changes directions.

? Spaces

  • If the player lands on a Happening Space on one of the conveyor belts will cause it to move, causing all of the players on the belt to move to the space in front of the first junction.
  • There are three Happening Spaces next to the three teleportation units, and landing there causes E. Gadd to appear and ask the player if they'd like to use the teleportation units. Accepting this offer causes the player to go to one of the other teleportation units on the board.
  • The Happening Space in front of the large fan makes E. Gadd appear to ask if the player would like to use the Wealth Suckage Apparatus. Accepting this offer allows the player to suck coins away from other players.
  • The two Happening Spaces in front of shuffle-o-tron causes E. Gadd to offer player to exchange orbs if during the day or convert orbs into coins if at night using the machine that resembles E. Gadd in shape.
  • A Happening Space next to the rocket ship will summon E. Gadd and cause him to ask if they would like to use his Calamity Launcher to place Character Spaces on the board. They must have a set number of coins to determine how many spaces they would like to set.