"SLICE UND SIMMER! NOW! ♪ VEE MUST MAKE CHOW! ♪ Vait one second und..."
― Dyllis, Hot Fraun

Dyllis is a chef in Super Paper Mario who resides in Flopside in correlative to Saffron, who lives in Flipside.


Physical appearance

Dyllis is a Flopside chef with an unpleasant expression. She wears a green dress and an yellow apron. Dyllis has a purple skin tone and a bun with a gradient of blue and purple.

Personality traits

Dyllis has indistinguishable characteristics with Zess T., a cook from an earlier Paper Mario game, for her irritable and gruff personality. Dyllis experiments recipes during the night; this explains Dyllis' expression from a lack of sleep. Otherwise, she insists Mario to hand over the ingredients for the recipe.


Dyllis speaks fluent German language. She speaks aggressively.


Dyllis runs Hot Fraun, a restaurant located on the first floor of Flopside that serves recipes made of two ingredients; her counterpart Saffron requires only one item for her dishes. The player can come to the restaurant and supply two ingredients to Dyllis, which she will combine into one item.

It is not mandatory to approach Dyllis; unlike Saffron, required in order to recover Peach. Dyllis can cook food for the player's journey through the Flipside and Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.



  • Spatula: Although Dyllis does not appear to use it, it implies that it is used for cooking purposes.
  • Apron: Dyllis wears an apron, used for cooking purposes.


Dyllis's name derives from dill, a herb whose seeds are used as a spice in cooking. Another analogy is the Dill Pickle, her attitude is sour. However, her name is also a shortened version of 'delicious'.

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