Dust Buddies is a 1-vs-3 minigame in Super Mario Party.


In a dusty room, the solo player is seen vacuuming the dust and the team players are also seen vacuuming the dust before the minigame starts.


Either the solo player or the team players must aim to vacuum the most dust. The solo player can move around, however, they are vacuuming the room by themselves. The team can vacuum together, but they cannot be going into different directions since they are using the same vacuum.


Two bags of dust drops down which surprises the players. The camera may zoom to the solo player that does his/her victory pose while the team players does their losing animation. The camera may zoom into the team players which they do their victory animations while the solo player does his/her losing animation.


NS Stick – Move

In-game description

  • "Vacuum up the most dust!"
  • "Players on the defending team should talk among themselves about which direction to go!"


The name of this minigame is a pun on the term "Dust bunnies".

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