Durmite X is the first boss in The Gauntlet of Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


She is the shape of Durmite with hot pink lips and tail, periwinkle bow, tummy and legs, and deep purple back and face. She looks like she has been in a grumpy mood with the looks of her face.


Ramming - While she is preparing to ram, her colors turns red and starts to ram. This is can be counter-attacked by her opponent by using a hammer.

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Name Battled by Level HP POW DEF SPEED XP Coins Item Drop(s)
Durmite X Mario & Luigi 18 575 (863) 85 (213) 46 (69) 52 (78) 0 None
Straw X 40 (60) 74 (185) 32 (48) 46 (69)