The Durmite is a powerful boss found in the Nerve Cluster in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It has five actions, three of which are attacks. The first two, which are not attacks, are that it spawns Biffdus's and creates a straw in the ground to suck Bowser's HP. The next three, however, are attacks. The first and most common one of its attacks are that it creates a web in which Mario and Luigi must jump over. If one of them fails to jump and is sucked in, then he is shot at the other bro to do massive damage. To avoid the other bro receiving damage, the player must not jump during the attack. Its second attack is that it begins to glow red and then charges at Mario or Luigi. It must be hit with a hammer to end the attack. Its final attack is that is swallows the Biffdus's and then shoots their spears at either Mario or Luigi.


Durmite was encountered as a caterpillar with a Birdo-like face looking grumpy. She has a blue back and face, pink bow and tummy and yellow tail and lips.


Durmite jumped and stomped that it startled Mario and Luigi. Starlow asked of she is a friend of a bug in a farm. Durmite stomped twice, Starlow implied she didn't talk to much and was in the carrot that Bowser ate. She realized that Durmite looked huge, and interrogated why. Along came white small guard-like creatures, she ate them with her tongue, then grew bigger explaining why she was big. So Starlow apologizes that they have to exterminate her with the Mario's agreement. However, Luigi refused which Mario and Starlow pushed him to Durmite to battle. After the battle, Durmite felt exhausted and shrank back to her tiny size. This may look like Wisdurm in a small size, thrn she ran away.