Dungeon Dash is a minigame that appears in Mario Party 2. This mini-game can be unlocked once the player completes the Mini-game Roller Coaster on easy mode and purchase the mini-game from Woody. The general premise of this mini-game is similar to Desert Dash in Mario Party.


Dungeon Dash requires the characters to work together as a team and venture through a dungeon full of obstacles. The characters are strapped to a pair of stilts and can only move by taking one step at a time. In order for a character to take a step, they must press the joy stick in the same direction that appears on the screen. If both characters do not press the control stick in the same direction at the same time, they will not be able to proceed forward. While the characters are proceeding through the dungeon, they will encounter a few obstacles that will impede their movement. They will first cross over a large lava pit with flames that are similar to Podoboo bouncing out. If the flames touch one of the teams, they will be burned and unable to move for a brief moment. They will also encounter a Thwomp that is pounding on the ground. If Thwomp manages to squish the characters, they will also be immobile for a brief moment. The first team that reaches the end of the dungeon wins the mini-game.


  • Control Stick (Control Stick left then Control Stick right) - Move