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The Dueling Glove is an item that first appears in Mario Party 2.


The Dueling Glove is a glove that the player can receive from an item Mini-game or from a shop.

In Mario Party 2

If the player uses the Glove, a Goomba will appear. He will tell the player to verse a character of their choice and duel them. The duel is different for each land. For example, in Space Land, they verse their opponent in a duel to stop their time bomb in the closest time they can to the seconds given. The Duel Glove allows the player to choose an amount of coins that they and their opponent have, and whoever wins gets double the coins.

In Mario Party 3

The Dueling Glove reappears in Mario Party 3 where it can be obtained by winning Item Mini-games. The Dueling Glove serves its same purpose.

In Super Mario Party

The Dueling Glove reappears in Super Mario Party where it can only be obtained in Partner Party mode. However, the rarity of the item is high. After obtaining it, the player can use the Dueling Glove to challenge any opponent in a duel minigame. The winner of that minigame is able to steal a rival's ally.