A Duel Space is a space that conditionally appears on game boards in Mario Party DS. It is signified on the minimap as an orange spot, and on the actual game board as a purple space with an icon of two crossed swords. It counts as a green space for the purposes of determining teams for mini-games.


  • Duel Spaces only appear on boards during the final five turns of a game. They exist where all Friend Spaces originally resided.
  • A player that lands on this space selects an opponent to duel.
  • The challenger then spins a "wheel" to determine the stakes that each player puts up in the duel.
  • Each participant puts up as much of the determined stake that he or she can cover, and a duel minigame is chosen.
  • The winner of the duel game takes both players' wagers. Should there be no clear winner (the payers both won or both lost, or there was a draw), the wagers are returned to the players.

Wheel Stakes

  • Configuration 1: twenty coins, 20 coins, Half of your coins (rounded down), All of your coins, 1 Star
  • Configuration 2: 10 coins, 1 Star, 1 Star, 2 Stars, 2 Stars
  • Configuration 3: 1 star, 1 star, 1 star, 2 stars, 2 stars
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