The Dual Scream (which, at first, E. Gadd called it the Nintendo DS) is an item that is seen in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is invented by Professor E. Gadd and used by Luigi for the rest of the game. It replaces the Game Boy Horror from the first game. Luigi gets it before E. Gadd sends him to the first mansion: Gloomy Manor. The Dual Scream is always activated and the player can use the Touch Screen to check on certain areas. Its ringtone is also a speed-up, remixed version of the original Luigi's Mansion theme.


The Dual Scream greatly resembles the original Nintendo DS like the Game Boy Horror, and is a wordplay of Dual Screen, slang for the Nintendo DS.


  • Map: The Dual Scream can show views of floors and rooms that Luigi is on or in. It can also display areas where Luigi needs to go in order to do a certain mission.
  • Communication: E. Gadd can contact Luigi at certain points of the game mainly giving good advice. E. Gadd also talks with Luigi each time he catches a Boo.

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