Drybake Stadium is the fifth and final level of World 2 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Drybake Stadium first takes place in a seemly empty place. But then it rises as a giant structure made of sand which can be explored.


After braving the storm in Damp Oasis, Mario comes across to what appears to be nothing. He then notices a light glowing on the ground. Mario then Paperizes each of the three Tablet Pieces he has collected early on in his quest and a giant tower suddenly appears in front of Mario: Drybake Stadium. Mario enters the structure and battles through enemies including Buzzy Beetles and the dreaded Mural Goombas and Koopas. After many exploring and battling later, Mario heads up an elevator and appears on which looks like a baseball field. A gigantic Pokey suddenly rises out of the ground wearing a Royal Sticker on its head and Mario proceeds in battling the monster. Using the Bat Thing Sticker, Mario manages to defeat the giant Pokey and earn his second Royal Sticker (and his fifth Album Page) completing the world.


  • Worn-Out Hammer (x4)
  • Worn-Out Jump (x2)
  • Jump (x4)
  • Hopslipper
  • Slaphammer (x2)
  • Shiny Hammer
  • Shiny Jump
  • Hammer (x2)
  • Spike Helmet (x4)
  • Fire Flower (x2)
  • POW Block (x4)
  • Line Jump (x2)
  • Eekhammer 
  • Baahammer
  • Burnhammer (x2)
  • Iron Jump
  • Ice Flower
  • Shell
  • Chillhammer
  • Hurlhammer

Thing Stickers

  • Bat


  • Stone Entry scrap
  • Tower Outer Wall scrap


  • The way that the stadium itself rises from the desert is similar to how Dry Dry Ruins rose from the desert in the original Paper Mario.