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Dry Dry Ruins is a location in the game Paper Mario, set as the final location of Chapter 2.


This is where the second boss of the game, Tutankoopa is found, along with the second Star Spirit. Mamar is located in the northern regions of Dry Dry Desert. Mario finds it by using the Pulse Stone Moustafa gave him. Mario gets the Super Hammer here. There are many Stone Chomps here along with Pokey Mummies.

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Image Name Notes
Buzzybeetle Buzzy Beetle None.
Chomp Chomp Only appears during the Tutankoopa fight.
Pokeymummy Pokey Mummy None.
Stonechomp Stone Chomp A total of 6 is fought in the game. Each one guards a stone.


Image Name Notes
Tutankoopa PM Tutankoopa Primary boss of Chapter 2.


Image Name Notes
Artifact Artifact Found in the rotating platforms room. Must be given to Kolorado for a Star Piece.
DiamondStone Diamond Stone Guarded by a Stone Chomp.
LunarStone Lunar Stone Guarded by a Stone Chomp.
PyramidStone Pyramid Stone Guarded by a Stone Chomp.
Ruins Key Ruins Key Found commonly in the ruins.
Slow Go (Paper Mario) Slow Go badge Found in the room with the Super Hammer behind a hidden spot in the wall.
Spikeshield Spike Shield badge Found in the first room behind a sarcophagus.
Star Piece Star Piece Found in one of the rooms where the sand can be drained.


Dry Dry Ruins Quest

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