This article is about Dry Dry Desert from Paper Mario..You may be looking for Dry Dry Desert from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

Dry Dry Desert is a location in Paper Mario.


In this game, the desert contains only few trees, but has an oasis in the southern part of it. If you continue on the path that comes from Mt. Rugged, and go east you'll reach the town of Dry Dry Outpost. Mario can find Kolorado and his research team in the first area he enters. Each area has a path that leads to the south, east, north, and west. Each area is shaped like a block that contains 49 areas total. Amongst this dry land is Dry Dry Ruins where a Star Spirit was kept. 



Image Name Notes
Kolorado Kolorado The Artifact can be given to him to receive a Star Piece in return.
Nomadimouse Nomadimouse A letter can be given to him.


Image Name Notes
Bandit Bandit None.
PokeyPM Pokey None.
TweesterPM Tweester Warps Mario to a random spot in the desert. Only 2 are found in the desert.


Image Name Notes
Attack FX C Attack FX C badge Found in the desert after completing a puzzle.
Runaway Pay Runaway Pay badge Found in-between three trees.
Spin Attack Spin Attack badge Found in the desert after completing a puzzle.
SuperShroomPM Super Shroom Found after hammering a block 10 times.
Ultra Shroom Ultra Shroom Found after hammering a block 100 times.


Dry Dry Desert Trek

124-dry dry desert trek mp3 MP3 - Paper Mario Orig


  • Although Dry Dry Desert itself isn't seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, there is a very similar location that replace it: Riverside Station. This can be confirmed since Poison Pokeys make an appearance here and the background has nothing but sand. This may state that Riverside Station may be located near Dry Dry Desert (though there is another train station back in Paper Mario that leads to Dry Dry Desert as well).
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