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The start of the Dry Dry Desert race

Dry Dry Desert is the fourth track of the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. The track is based on the Sahara Desert in Egypt, featuring pyramids as well as Egyptian-style music. The entire track is a yellow, sandy road. The darkest sand farthest from the track is considered "out-of-bounds" and Lakitu will carry the player back to the track if that point is reached.

It features Pokeys as moving obstacles that cause spin-outs when bumped. The Pokeys will bend to form dangerous arches over Item Boxes on the track. If hit by a Starman or some Special items though, they will topple over, respawning shortly after. Also featured is a tornado that will move along the track sucking up racers and items. There is also a large sand funnel that should be driven around quickly, as it will easily suck the player in and they will end up getting chomped by a giant Piranha Plant.

Players can use Stars, Mushrooms, or Golden Mushrooms to make huge shortcuts across the sand.


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