Dropchopper is Luigi's third available Bros. Attack in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Luigi obtains the 10 Attack Pieces for this attack on Mount Pajamaja. It costs 7 BP to use this attack, and its damage is given Jump attributes, doing critical damage on enemies and bosses that are weak to jump attacks.

Upon using the attack, Mario and Luigi will run into the foreground, and the Dropchopper will begin floating in mid-air near the Bros. as they run towards the group of enemies. Tilting the 3DS will make the chopper move in the direction the handheld is tilted in. Once the Dropchopper is above one of the bros, the player must press 3DS A.svg.png or 3DS B.svg.png, depending on which bro the chopper is above. Once Mario and Luigi have both grabbed onto the Dropchopper, it will slowly rise into the air. The player can continue to tilt the 3DS to change the target area below. Once the Dropchopper hovers above an enemy, either 3DS A.svg.png or 3DS B.svg.png must be pressed to cause the Dropchopper to drill down into whatever is currently below it with tremendous force, heavily damaging the enemy it directly hits and moderately damaging enemies in the target circle with the impact's shockwave. The attack will fail if both Mario and Luigi cannot grab onto the chopper in time, and if a single Bro manages to grab on, the attack continues as normal but deals minimal damage. This attack is effective in dealing with large groups of enemies, and bosses. 

The move returns in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, retaining its functions from before. Striking a Buzzy Beetle stack deals damage to every creature in the stack. 

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