Drop Quiz is an unlockable 1-vs-3 minigame in Super Mario Party. The minigame is a pun of "pop quiz", a short test given to students.


The solo player and the team is waving at the screen. The team turns to the screen while the camera zooms close to the screen before the game starts.


There are three rounds in the minigame. The solo player must aim to get all of the team out in the minigame. One of the team players must pass the third round to win the minigame. The team is instruct to "Watch carefully!" on the video monitor. On the video, there will be empty-handed Toads or Paratroopas, Toads or Paratroopas carrying different types of fruit. on the screen and a few Bullet Bills to distract the team.

After the video has finished, the player must choose a question for the rivals. The player may choose a question that he/she thinks they cannot answer correctly. The player has ten seconds to choose a question.

The team must stand on the panel for which they think is the correct answer in ten seconds. After ten seconds passed, the video shows the correct answer. If the team stands on the correct answer, their animation will show them looking relieved. If one the team players stands on the incorrect answer, the wrong chosen panel will open up and the player will fall into it. The solo player is seen laughing at it. If all remaining team players choose to correct answer, neither of them fall which the solo player is disappointed.

If none of the solo player's rivals remain standing, the solo player wins. If one of the team players pass the third round, the team wins the minigame.


The solo player does his/her victory animation if he/she wins. The team does their victory animation after winning while the solo player does his/her losing animation.


Solo Side

  • NS Stick – Move cursor
  • NS JC Right Button – Select question

Team Side

  • NS Stick – Move

In-game description

  • "The team side answers the solo player's question!"
  • "The team side wins even if only one of them makes it through all three of the solo player's questions!"
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