The Drip Drop Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy. It is essentially a large planet made almost entirely of water, with a small sandy core and several floating islands. Sitting on the core of this galaxy, which looks like the bottom of the sea, are some boulders, what appears to be a sunken Airship, and a volcanic vent. It is inhabited by Penguins, Gringills, and various fish.


Giant Eel Outbreak

Giant Eel Outbreak is the only level of the Drip Drop Galaxy. Three Gringills are swimming underwater. The Penguins can't fish anymore because the eels are eating all the fish. Mario agrees to help out and dives to the bottom of the sea. Mario must find Koopa Shells and hit the Gringills with them to defeat them. After Mario has defeated all of the Gringills, the Power Star will appear on top of a sunken ship. Finishing this level will unlock the Bonefin Galaxy.

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