Drillbit Crabs are enemies from the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and returning in the game's 3DS version and Bowser Jr.'s Journey. They inhabit Plack Beach.


Drillbit Crabs resemble a real crab, but their shell resembles a drill. Their main body is red.


In combat, Drillbit crabs may attack by ramming their drill into a Bro. (This can be blocked by batting them away with the hammer.) or drilling from underneath and moving sideways (This can be jumped.). The target (first target for the latter attack) can be spotted by how the Drillbit Crab tilts before it attacks, as it will always tilt toward said character before it starts its attack. King Bowser Koopa can block both moves by punching it.

Pendrills may sometimes assist Drillbit Crabs.