Driftwood Shore is a location that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is mainly located in the southern area of the Pi'illo Kingdom. It is most notable for where Mario and Luigi fight against Bowser's enemies such as Goombas.


Driftwood Shore is, overall, a beach-like level with many rocks around (much like Gwarhar Lagoon from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga).


After failing to retrieve the Dream Stone from Antasma and Bowser at Mount Pajamaja, Mario, Luigi, Starlow, and Prince Dreambert all feel it's a good idea to hide Princess Peach from the evil duo. They head to Pi'illo Castle but learned that Peach has already left to Driftwood Shore. The group then heads for Driftwood Shore but they are soon taken into a building by a Brock. The group is then lead to the owner of the store, Broque Madame, where it was revealed that the two Brocks that was massaging her was Peach and Toadsworth. After much more talking, Broque Madame suggests hiding Peach in the dream world, to which, everyone agrees to. The group soon finds a Dreampoint where Luigi rests on it and Mario takes Peach into Dreamy Driftwood Shore. It is then revealed within the dream world that Mario must find different Dreampoints in order to access the different Seadrings to get their Dream Eggs to make Dreamy Driftwood Shore bigger. However, it was soon learned from Kamek that Bowser already has Peach at his new castle. Disappointed, Mario and the rest return to Broque Madame's place and she suggests to them ask Dr. Snoozemore for more tips as he is currently visiting Pi'illo Castle. Mario and the rest then leave for Pi'illo Castle.