Dried Fruit is an item in Paper Mario.


Dried Fruits are not found in any shops or other specific place. Pokeys are found to drop these after battle. A Dried Fruit can be found in the top right areas of Dry Dry Desert. Dried Fruits are a fairly decent find early on as these fruits give Mario 15 HP. Dried Fruits are used with a variety of items to create some dishes. Using a few high-class mushrooms with this item can create a Volt Shroom. Volt Shrooms and this can make Thunder Rages. Yummy Meal is the result of cooking this with a Dried Pasta.


First Ingredient + Second Ingredient = Result
Dried Fruit + Strange Leaf = Fire Flower
Dried Fruit + Volt Shroom = Thunder Rage
Dried Fruit + Iced Potato = Yummy Meal
Dried Fruit + Dried Pasta = Yummy Meal
Dried Fruit + Mushroom = Volt Shroom
Dried Fruit + Super Shroom = Volt Shroom
Dried Fruit + Ultra Shroom = Volt Shroom
Dried Fruit + Life Shroom = Volt Shroom


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