Dreamy Wakeport is a location in Luigi's dreams that appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.


After hearing that Big Massif is in a deep sleep within Dreamy Wakeport, Mario jumps into Luigi's dreams to wake up the Massif brother up. Mario and Dreamy Luigi expore around until they run into a tour guide receptionist who tells them that in order for them to speak with Big Massif, they must compete in the Beef-Off against the Hooraws. Mario and Dreamy Luigi must then earn the four Hooraw Medals in order to prove themselves worthy of seeing Big Massif. Mario and Dreamy Luigi do so and to surprise, the receptionist turns out to be Big Massif himself. Not wanting to admit defeat, he then challenges Mario and Dreamy Luigi to a fight, in which, they win. Big Massif is livid that he wasn't strong enough even in the dream world and Prince Dreambert tells him that even people from the real world are strong, too. Big Massif realizes this and leaves his dreams. Mario and Prince Dreambert soon follow behind.

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