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Dreamy Somnom Woods is a location in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is located in the dream world and is where Mario and Prince Dreambert go to speak with The Zeekeeper.


Dreamy Somnom Woods is most notable for it's beautiful, forest layout with mainly scenes in the background. There is also a large, tree that acts like a maze once Mario and Dreamy Luigi are getting close to The Zeekeeper.


Mario and Prince Dreambert entered the Dreamy Somnom Woods many times to awaken the Pi'illo Masters to help get into Pi'illo Temple. Then they can place the Ultibed on Pi'illo Temple in order to access the Dreamy Somnom Woods to speak with The Zeekeeper. After treading through the large maze (and passing the rather erratic Dreamy Bedsmith), Mario, Dreamy Luigi, and Prince Dreambert eventually find a large egg. Mario hammers it a couple of times and The Zeekeeper awakens. However he is not happy and begins to attack them. Dreamy Luigi turns giant and fights and defeats The Zeekeeper. The Zeekeeper is impressed that someone is that strong but opens up after seeing Prince Dreambert. The Zeekeeper agrees to help break the barrier surrounding Neo Bowser Castle after Mario "agrees" to pay him 80,000,000 coins. The Zeekeeper then takes Mario and Prince Dreambert out of Dreamy Somnom Woods.