Dreamy Mushrise Park is a location that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is the dream world version of Mushrise Park and is where Mario meets Eldream for the first time.


Mario and Prince Dreambert head into Dreamy Mushrise Park in order to find Eldream. Teamed up with Dreamy Luigi, they begin their search and Prince Dreambert assumes that Eldream may be trapped in a Nightmare Chunk. Suddenly, a strange, rabbit-like creature appears and has the Nightmare Chunk containing Eldream and hops away. Dreamy Brickle soon appears and challenges Mario and the rest to getting to the rabbit first. After many chasing later, Mario and the rest manage to corner the rabbit and free Eldream. Eldream then says that Antasma had taken Princess Peach down into the depths of the dreams known as Dream's Deep. Mario and the others then head down the strange light into Dream's Deep.

Enemies Present

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